About Us
NSTN was founded as a skip trace company offering locating services to the collection industry.  It became apparent that there were limited services that effectively provided insight and understanding to the collection industry.  Nothing beats experience.

NSTN hires from the collection and financial industry.  NSTN clients can expect over 40 years of hands-on industry knowledge and experience.  By understanding the challenges faced by the industry, NSTN is able to offer solutions and assist with recommendations to improve operational efficiency.  Being able to effectively communicate with a knowledgeable professional pays huge dividends. 

NSTN provides top-notch data solutions and strongly promotes the responsible use of information, adhering to strict standards regarding the use and dissemination of personal information.

9550 Skillman, Suite 200 • Dallas, Texas 75243 • Office: 877-502-0415 • Fax: 877-805-6920

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