NSTN’s new SSN driven employment location/verification service offers the most aggressive solutions available when accessing America's workforce. Client will have access to over 160 million SSN based employment records.

Bank Account

NSTN's banking information had proven to be a reliable option for collection efforts towards any kind of debt nationwide. Utilizing NSTN's banking information clients can locate debtor's bank accounts in all 50 states.

Live Connect

The Live Connect service has been designed to increase potential earnings while decreasing labor cost to enhance a clients bottom line. Developed to update phone numbers and remove those unwanted disconnects and fax lines.

Guaranteed Connect

A service designed to return only phone numbers and addresses that have  been confirmed within that last 24 hours. All information being returned is guaranteed to be your Right Party Contact (RPC).


A unique combination of our N-Tel and N-Search products with an unlimited price tag.  For $50.00 per user/per month with a (6) month agreement, you will have unlimited access to over 1 Billion current and historical records. This product is only available online via our website.


NSTN's national directory assistance service bridges the gap for companies that expect real-time information. Via our interactive site or our precise algorithms for batch, NSTN offers our clients the ability to search current directory assistance databases of all the Regional Bell Operating Companies.

Property Data

Search for property in the individuals name or reverse your search and find the owner or seller of a particular address. Determine the financial worth of an individual when collecting unpaid debt.


With as little as a social security number, users will have access via the internet and batch process to over a billion current and historical records, including names, telephone numbers, addresses, relatives, neighbors and deceased information.


Identifying deceased and bankrupt accounts is critical to ensuring that efforts are focused appropriately. N-Screen improves operational efficiency as a stand-alone process, or as an initial scrub prior to capturing location information.

Non-Published Phone

A service designed to help locate Non-Published phone numbers.  Available in both batch and online and searchable by Name and Address and charged on a no hit/no fee basis

Cell Phone Numbers

A service enabling the location and/or verification of a consumers Cell Phone. Available in both batch and searchable by Name and Address and charged on a no hit/no fee basis.

Expanded Services

NSTN's Expanded Services gives access to Motor Vehicle Data, Driver's License Data, Evictions, Liens, Judgments, Suits, OFAC and UCC Filings.

Criminal Data

Access a combination of Criminal databases to get your prospective applicants complete background. Instant online searches include National-Federal, State, County and Local levels as well as Felonies, Misdemeanors and Department of Corrections.

The information that NSTN provides to the end user may contain consumer identification information governed by theGramm-Leach-Bliley Act (GLB) and Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA). In accordance with the GLB and FCRA, companies exhibiting proper permissible use may only use such information.

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